Our Garden

The enchanted garden of Alice del Lago embraces the whole structure thanks to its warm colours.

The Mediterranean plants give splendid colours and outline the lanes in the grass lawn.

The Tuscan cypresses run towards the sky while giving the welcome in Tuscany.

The lake frames the whole landscape and the green leaves of the enchanted garden mirror in the waters of the lake.

This is a great opportunity for discovering, while walking, different botanic species, the aromatic plants mix with the scents and the colours of the Roses while giving several fragrances each season.

Romantic, its surreal atmosphere is part of the secret world which the gates of Alice del Lago hide.

In the park there is a laundry area and some games for children.

The guests can enjoy our laundry. 

Alice del Lago has a barbecue area provided with tables and chairs. 

In summer guests can enjoy our vegetables growing in our vegetable garden.